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Kimo's Dips

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Click on the shopping cart to order your favorite Kimo’s Dip Mixes. There are 22 varieties, from mild to spicy. And many of the dips have multiple uses. As pasta toppings or for your favorite chips. There are so many different uses for Kimo’s Dips. Try one or try them all.


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Check when Kimo’s Dips will be near you. In the winter and spring, Kimo’s travels the Pacific Northwest, visiting home shows and fairs. Every summer, Kino’s is a regular at several Farmers Markets. Come sample all of Kimo’s 22 varieties, or just say hi, whenever we’re near you


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You can email Kimo just to say hi or to tell her about how you use Kimo’s Dips in your kitchen. Just click here and you’ll go to Kimo’s email. Or, you can tell her about your Kimo’s Dip experience on each individual dip mix page. Either way, Kimo always like to hear from you.

Kimo's guarantee of freshnesss

Kimo's Gourmet Dip Mixes, Hand Made with Care

Kimo's (Say KEE-mohz) Gourmet Dip Mixes are made and packed by hand in our Beaverton, Oregon commercial kitchen. Kimo's uses fresh herbs and spices to insure that our dips are top quality and always fresh

Kimo is the mother of three and grandmother to five kids. She and her husband Bruce live in Beaverton and host frequent family dinners where her dips usually are among the featured hors d'oeuvres. Kimo knows it's good when she tastes it.

If you're in northwest Oregon, you're invited to stop by one of Kimo's many booths at local farmers markets. She's a regular every summer season in Beaverton, Astoria, Milwaukie, Gresham and Lake Oswego. You can stop by and sample any or all of her 22 dip varieties. During the fall and winter months, Kimo visits many northwest fairs and trade shows.