Here’s How to Save on Multiple Orders of Kimo’s Dips

From the list below, pick the appropriate Coupon Code. Use the code that applies to the number of packages you’re ordering. For instance, if you order three, four, or five packages, you use the “Buy3” code. For six, seven, or eight use “Buy6” and for nine or more use “Buy9.”

Coupon Codes:
Buy3 when you order three, four, or five dip mixes. $3 discount.
Buy6 when you order six, seven, or eight dip mixes. $10 discount.
Buy9 when you order nine or more dip mixes. $18 discount.

You will be asked to enter the correct “Coupon Code” in the box on the upper left-hand area of the “Cart” page.

Postage & Handling for all orders will be added at checkout.

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